The DXLover Foundation, or DXLF for short, was inaugurated in the autumn of 1994 under the initiative of Mr. JA3AFR with a view to providing assistance concerning 'DX peditions' and other ham activities.

Since the 1980s, DX peditions by amateur radio communicators have become larger in size year after year. This has naturally boosted expenses needed for DX peditions which are virtually impossible today without financial aid from DX organizations. Also, continued support in the forms of both hardware and technology is sought for countries where ham activities are still at a developing stage.

Globally, there are various DX foundations, such as NCDXF, INDEXIA and EUDXF, extending aid to DX peditions. In Japan, hams had voluntarily exerted efforts to support DX peditions until recently. However, the rise of Japan's status in the DX world over the past decades prompted the establishing of a body which can undertake more systematic and continuous aid for DX peditions. This is the reason why the DXLF has been organized.